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Hot Tub Maintenance

What do you need to maintain your hot tub? It all depends on the spa; we can offer services for new & used hot tubs, ranging from chemical tutorials to drain/clean/fills & 360-degree inspections.

Call 604-807-1586 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.

See FAQ below to find out which service would work best for you

Water Chemistry Education
Inspections & Preventative Maintenance
Maintenance Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I’m new to hot tubs, what should I do?

We have a few options for Newbies! 

1) Come by the shop for free tutorials & advice. Amanda & Alistair are happy to give you as much information as you need to get you up to speed on hot tub care/maintenance. For the best experience, make sure to bring
Photos of the tub & control panel
Any Chemicals you currently have (or photos)
Your hot tub’s filter
2) Book a Service Call! We can do all the above in the convenience of your backyard. Check the dropdown box for current rates.

Can you teach me how to use chemicals?

Chemical maintenance will vary depending on how often you use your hot tub! We teach you What, Why and How of all products you do (and do not) need to keep water clarity without over sanitizing! Want to get started on your own?  Check Out our Chemical Tutorial here!

Do you provide Hot Tub Drain/Cleans?

Yes! You might need a Drain/Clean service if
Your hot tub was purchased, used or acquired with a new home
Empty and unused for an extended period
Have signs of bacteria growth in the water (white flakes)
We offer 2 options

1) Come by the shop for products & free instructions for a DIY service, or Download our Guide HERE 
2) Book a Service Call! We’ll add the products & provide the cleaning service. Check the dropdown box for current rates.

How often should I drain my hot tub, and how?

Personal preference is a key factor, but its good practice to refresh your water every 3-6 months. Ways to Drain your hot tub include
Finding the drain valve on the bottom of your hot tub cabinet (Sometimes this is located inside the access panel)
Using a sump-pump
Using a garden hose to siphon water overnight
Using a Quick Drain to siphon water within the hour

What is WINTERIZING a hot tub, and when should it be done?

If you are not using your hot tub for an extended period, you'll need to safely shut down & empty your hot tub if the weather is expected to dip below freezing temperatures. The process includes
Draining the tub
Vacuuming out all the excess water from the footwell, filter canister & jets.
Disconnecting all Pumps & Spa pac
Its recommended to remove the pumps and bring them inside if you expect the weather to freeze. If this is not possible, disconnect the pipes and vacuum out any water from inside the pumps & corresponding pipes. If you're not comfortable performing these steps on your own, book a service call, and we'll make sure it's done effectively!

Do you do water testing?

Yes! Bring in a sample. Let us know if you're on city or well water, and we can help troubleshoot any issues you might have or give you confidence that everything is going smoothly!

How do I know what filter I have?

Your filter is unique to your hot tub's design, with huge variances in size. Some sit in while others screw into place. We carry a selection of the most common filters in stock & can special order anything we don't (except for some OEM filters)
To help us identify which one you need, provide us with
Photo of the top & bottom/width of the core

Do you provide a weekly chemical maintenance?

Unfortunately, we do not offer personal chemical maintenance for your hot tub. The high temperatures in hot tubs create an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply quickly. When this service is provided, filtration hours are set high, costing the user excess power consumption charges, and bromine is typically required 24/7. Issues from over sanitization can arise if the tub is not used enough by the homeowner. Ideally, it would be best if you administered treatment based on usage, and we can provide free education on how to do that efficiently

I’m going away for a few weeks/months, should I shut off my hot tub?

Use your best judgement for this. Hot Tubs have many moving parts, and generally, we see more issues from shutting them down vs keeping them going. If you're going to be away for a month or less, we recommend
Cleaning your filters & adding a dose of sanitizer
Turning it down 80 degrees (power saving)
Lower your filtration hours (power saving)
Have someone come and check up on the tub every few weeks or so for possible power/breaker trips
If you're going to be away for longer than a month, we recommend winterizing the hot tub

What are your rates?

Call Out Fee $95 (Base rate applied to all onsite jobs)
Labour Rate $100/Hr (charged by the 1/2hr)
+ Parts & Chemicals Required
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