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We are a family owned and operated business in Abbotsford, BC
We sell a wide range of Hot Tub Brands and provide exceptional after sales service.
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Hot Tub Repairs & Restorations

From minor repairs to complete overhauls, All Spa Repairs continues to operate under The Hot Tub Shop's umbrella.

We offer onsite service in Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove & Chilliwack.

We also offer partial to complete hot tub restorations in our shop, assessing problematic construction and creating future maintenance access.

To inquire about repairs and restorations, fill out the contact form or 

call 604-807-1586

Repair and Refurb Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do repairs for all brands of hot tubs?

While some hot tubs brands have limitations due to proprietary parts & general construction. We provide most repairs for major brands available in the Fraser Valley.

Do you install parts sold online?

Ecommerce for hot tub parts is a great place to get deals if you are handy and can execute repairs on your own. However, as a repair company, we cannot thrive as a business and provide our knowledge/expertise without part sales assistance. Additionally, we could not offer a warranty if your online part had a product failure. As a policy, we do not install parts purchased from other companies or online. 

Does my hot tub need to be Restored and what to expect?

The majority of hot tubs have about ten good years before you can potentially expect issues due to internal leaks and your framework's breakdown, but did you know a good Acrylic shell can last over 30 years? We specialize in restoring older hot tubs, providing them with 360 degrees of access to continue their lifespan for many years to come. Our process includes a combination of listed options 
Removing Expansion Foam Insulation
Repair Rot Damaged Frames with pressure treated materials
Addressing Leaks & broken-down gaskets
Re-Insulated with Removable & Mold Resistant R14 Rockwool
Sealing base & access points to rodents
Installing a removable & stylish poly-flexible cabinet (3 Colour Choices)
New Thermal Covers
Equipment Replacements
Faded Pillow & Detail Accessories refinished/replaced
See our Restored Hot Tub page for more information on this process & examples of our work. Give us a call to discuss if you're interested in having your hot tub restored. Our Restored hot tubs give you the confidence to purchase like new for a fair price.

Do you repair Soft Tubs, Saunas or in-home Jetted Bathtubs?

Unfortunately, we can not provide repairs for Soft Tubs as we do not have access to parts; as they are not "standard" for the industry. Please contact your Soft tub dealer directly for parts/service.

We are not familiar with Sauna's technical components and do not offer service.

In-home jetted bathtubs, we can only offer a replacement pump but can not provide in-home service due to insurances.

Are there any repairs on hot tubs you are unable to provide?

While we can provide service/repairs to most of our clients, access is required! If the cause of your issue is not accessible by the technician, we cannot provide a repair. Keep this in mind for hot tubs that are sunken into decks without access points, or hot tubs with single-piece cabinets with one access panel (no removable side or back panels)

What are your rates?

Call Out Fee $110
Labour Rate $120/Hr (Min 1hr)
+ Parts & Chemicals Required
$3500 - $6500+ Depending on partial to full restoration requests
Restoration's not completed onsite. The hot tub must come into our shop. 
Crane fees, if required are responsibility of the client.
You can have the Hot Tub you want Today! The Hot Tub Shop provides financing to allow you to purchase your dream Hot Tub and have it installed as soon as possible