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We are a family owned and operated business in Abbotsford, BC
We sell a wide range of Hot Tub Brands and provide exceptional after sales service.
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Parts & Covers

Order Hot Tub Parts and Covers

We carry a small selection of common parts. Come by the shop with your part, or fill out the contact form if you want us to ensure we have it on hand before coming in.

Due to the wide variety of shapes & sizes of hot tubs, we are unable to keep stock of new covers. Please provide your measurements and we will have a cover available for pick up after 2-3 weeks. Delivery Available within Service Area.

 See FAQ below for more information
Part/Cover Request

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order parts from you?

While we can source some original parts for your hot tub, more likely, we must find its generic counterpart at the time of replacement. Please provide as much of the following information as possible to start, and we will follow up if we require more detailed information depending on the part requested.

Please NOTE* because we source parts for multiple brand names; PHOTO's are essential for identification. If you are specifically looking for a pump, click here to identify PUMP ID
• Part Requested
• Brand of Hot Tub or Spa Pac
• Part # (if applicable)
• Photo'.

Do you sell Covers, and how much do they cost?

We offer Custom Made Vinyl Cover with Medium Density Styrofoam manufactured locally.
We offer 2 Thickness' in a variety of colours. A photo of the Colours is attached.
Most popular are..
• Dark Grey
• Black
• Chocolate Brown
• Charcoal

4" Centre to 3" TAPER $500 + tax Est. Lifespan 4-6 Years
• Recommended for Tubs 86” and below
• Tubs Under Cover Patios/Gazebos

5" Centre to 3" TAPER $575 + tax Est. Lifespan 4-6 Years
• Recommended for Larger tubs 88" +
• Tubs Open to the Elements (Rain/Snow)
• Tubs Inset into the ground or decks that animals could potentially walk on, et

Watch "How to Measure My Cover" Above"

*Note* If you have an octagonal Tub, please reply with “Octagonal” and I will send you the instructions on how to measure this cover*

• Please provide the following details
   o Address
   o Contact Phone #
   o Colour & Thickness
   o Length/Width/Radius/Skirt Length (TIP! If you don’t have a square for measuring radius, you can make one out of cardboard) 
o For rectangular covers, please draw a diagram of measurements and use a dotted line to show which way you’d like the cover to fold 

• Your cover will be available for pick up in 3-4 weeks. OR
• Local Delivery & Removal of your old cover is available for $75 (Abbotsford/Chilliwack/Mission)
• An invoice will be sent & 50% payment will be required in advance to order.

Are there any covers you CAN NOT make? 

**Note** Covers that we are UNABLE TO CUSTOM ORDER ….Please contact your manufacturer for the replacement of the following covers.
• Coast Spas CURVE Models
• Hot Tubs with Specialized Cut-Outs/Flaps for Raised Speakers.
• Hot Springs Covers with the BUILT-IN Lifter System (This cover can be replaced with a generic cover if you wish to replace the Lifter System as well)

Can you repair the Vinyl portion of my cover?

Unfortunately, we cannot make these repairs, as they are often not possible once the vinyl becomes weak due to heat/chemical exposure. 
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