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FAQ's on Restored Tubs!

What to Expect from our Restored Tubs!

Jets: New Directional 
Pump/Spa Pac: New 56 Frame Primary Motor/New Heater                                                     Element/Restored Spa Pac
Cover: New 4”-3” Medium Density Vinyl Cover (Black or Grey)
Cabinet: New Poly Flexible Cabinet  (Black or Grey)
Plumbing: Open Cabinet Water Testing/All Leaks Repaired
Base: Sealed Pressure-Treated Plywood
Insulation: New Bagged R14 Rockwool 
Accessory Details: Refinished/Replaced

What's the Average Cost?

Restored Hot Tubs average $8,500 + Tax & Accessories but range depending on new parts & time invested.

Additional Value Included

New Filter Sets: Value $100 
Chemicals Starter Kit Value $180
Hot Tub Cover Value $500
Value $400

Gallery of Restored Tubs!

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