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Sunrise Spas

Why Sunrise Spas?

Our Commitment

We have repaired and refurbished hundreds of Hot Tubs here in the Fraser Valley as a service-based company. Our commitment has always been to give honest opinions and make sure that you are comfortable and confident in any purchase or repair you choose. Although a brand new Hot Tub will not require attention for many years, we strive to protect our customer’s investment and to minimize expensive maintenance bills down the road.

Benefits of a Hot Tub

For some, a Hot Tub is a luxury; it is necessary for a functional life for others. Besides being a great addition to your backyard, a hot tub can be a crucial tool for a healthy mind, body and soul. Hot tubs are proven to assist with minor aches and pains, soothe sore joints and muscles, provide therapy for arthritis, tendinitis, and fibromyalgia. It's also a great way to relieve stress. Soak in the morning to start the day off right, or in the evening to melt the day away and get an incredible night sleep.

Average Construction

New hot tub's can range in price from as low as $5000 to upwards of $20,000! Many factors determine their price, such as construction, size, equipment, or simply a brand name. Unfortunately,  higher prices don't always translate to a sound investment. With the continued rising costs of living, we want your hot tub to retain its value and see you through beyond the expectations.
Below I've listed the most common building materials for Hot Tubs manufactured in the Fraser Valley. Often companies will use one or more of these potentially problematic elements in their manufacturing. 

 -½ lbs. expansion foam insulation (acts like a sponge)
-Un-pressure treated wood frame (susceptible to rot)
-Cedar or synthetic cabinet (rot/sun fades/brittle)

What does that mean for the lifespan of your Hot Tub?

These scenarios, individually or combined, are challenges we encounter with each hot tub we restore.

1) The Hot Tub reaches about eight or more years in age & requires maintenance to the internal plumbing. Gaskets & silicone break down, causing minor leaks. After all, a hot tub is a giant bucket of water with many holes drilled into the acrylic shell.

2) Rodents have found access points in the tub and caused damage to the plumbing by using the expansion foam as a tunneling system & nesting grounds.

3) Hot tub has been turned off for an extended period. Residual water has been left in the pipes & allowed to freeze, causing damage to the internal plumbing.

Expansion foam insulation is hugely problematic when it comes to making minor repairs. It acts as a giant sponge, rendering the insulation value useless. The saturated expansion foam then has an opportunity to rot the un-pressure treated wood frame and cabinet. Due to the constant absorption, an issue such as this often goes unnoticed for an extended period. A repair of this nature would require

- Excavating expansion foam manually or with a pressure wash.
- Frame re-enforcement/repair. Occasionally access panels need to be cut into the existing cabinet
- Leak Repairs & Water testing
- Re-Insulating tub with updated materials
- Cabinet refinishing or replacement
-Sealing the base & access points to deter rodents

A minor issue of a plumbing leak has potentially cost the homeowner thousands in repairs. The majority of our customers choose to either put their once high-end hot tub into the landfill, commission our services to restore the tub or take advantage of our free removal service with the purchase of a new spa.

Protect Your Investment

Sunrise Spas have earned our business & our confidence to supply long-lasting quality hot tubs. They have 25 years of industry experience in manufacturing Hot Tubs and the ability to deliver a superior brand with our customer’s expectations in mind.

Sunrise Spas feature a frame constructed with GALVANIZED STEEL. No rot, no rust.

Sunrise Spas equip every tub with GREENGUARD ROXUL insulation. Stored in bags for extra protection, easily removed and replaced, this insulation will last the lifetime of your tub. Also, with no place to dig or burrow, you won’t find uninvited guests making homes in your Hot tub.

Sunrise Spas POLYSTEEL CABINETRY is maintenance-free. No sanding, re-painting, and most importantly, no rot! Every panel is removable for 360 Degrees of access to each internal component of your hot tub.

Sunrise Spas reliable manufacturing paired with The Hot Tub Shops reputation for service/support, we hope to bring you peace of mind and satisfaction no other can provide. Book an Appointment to view our Sunrise Spas! Or just pop by during regular business hours. 
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