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We are a family owned and operated business in Abbotsford, BC
We sell a wide range of Hot Tub Brands and provide exceptional after sales service.
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Installation, Moves, &

Hot Tub Installation, Moves and Removal

All Spa Repairs continues to provide service within The Hot Tub Shop. We offer installation, relocations, removal, and disposal for hot tubs and swim spas within our service area.
We provide or arrange for all necessary equipment; situate the spa; complete all hook-ups to the existing electrical supply; and provide instructions for use and water care.

Costs vary depending on the work required. We have years of expertise in maneuvering Hot Tubs in numerous situations. On occasion, crane services are necessary. We work closely with local operators to get the job done.

See FAQ below for more detailed information.

Please call us at 604-807-1586 or fill out the contact form to receive an estimate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for Installation?

Moving your hot tub into the ideal location
Hook up to spa pac with existing electrical (raw tech cable with a few extra feet of slack is recommended)
Leveling hot tubs on sloped concrete
Cover lifters/Safety bar installations
Tutorials on operation & chemical maintenance

What do you provide for Hot Tub MOVES?

We are a small business, Alistair is often a one-person team, but he has the tools and experience to help get your Hot Tub safely into place. We have access to:
Truck/Flatbed Trailer
Specially Designed Hot Tub Slider
Close Working Relationships with Crane Operators
Wooden Planks for navigating steps/rough terrain
Decades of experience moving hot tubs

How do I know if I need a CRANE, or can manually get my hot tub IN or OUT?

Please send us photos of your hot tub, terrain & access points for all locations. Send as many as you can, and we can usually quote you from the photo's provided. You can use the photo uploader right from this page. Or text the information to 604-807-1586

What are your Rates, and how do I get a quote?

For a FREE quote, please send us photos of your hot tub, terrain & access points for all locations. You can use the photo uploader right from this page. Or text the information to 604-807-1586. Onsite estimates also available, but Call Out Fee is applied regardless of quote acceptance. 
Call Out Fee $95 (Base rate applied to all jobs)
Alistair Labour Rate $100/Hr
Labour each additional person + $50/Hr
Dump Fee $100 - $150 Per Tub
Crane Service $200/hr @2hr Minimum

Do you provide Electrical or Pad Construction?

We can connect your existing GFCI (located outside the home) to the hot tub but can not provide full electrical installation; however, we have a close working relationship with Matt Hawryluk: Owner/Operator of Bluetech Electric. He comes highly recommended by us!

We do not provide concrete or gravel pads but contact us if you'd like a recommendation for this service. We have detailed instructions on a DIY Aggregate Pad that Alistair is happy to offer advice & answer any questions. 

Do I need to provide Extra Bodies/Muscle for hot tub moves?

If possible, yes, please! Alistair will provide himself, tools, and access to hire additional help, but you can save yourself $$ by providing a few abled bodies to help pull/push the hot tub into position. (2-3 Persons) 

Do you purchase old Hot Tubs?

Depends on the condition & ease of access. We often provide free removal, and you'll save on labour rates & dump fees! If the tub is relatively easy to load and in fair condition, compensation can be discussed. Please use the uploader to send us photos of the tub to see if you qualify for Free Removal. Or text them to 604-807-1586
You can have the Hot Tub you want Today! The Hot Tub Shop provides financing to allow you to purchase your dream Hot Tub and have it installed as soon as possible